Configuration Of Linksys Wap54g Router

Configuring the Linksys Wap54g Router is a very simple process. To begin configuring it, you must plug the power and ethernet cables into the router, and then plug the ethernet cable into your computer. Give the router a minute or two to power up otherwise you will not be able to connect and configure it.

Navigate to 192.168.l.254, which is the default IP address the router will be on. It will ask you to enter a username and password. The username field should just be left blank, while the password field should be filled with admin. This will allow you to enter the Wap54g configuration page, where you can change all it’s settings such as DHCP and wireless settings. By default, the router’s DHCP server will assign IP addresses to devices on the network starting on one number above 192.168.l.254, on

If you navigate to Wireless Settings, you can add a WPA2 or WEP password to the wireless, so that intruders cannot access your internet without knowing the password. You can also change the wireless type and channel.

If you don’t change the router’s default IP address, it will always live on 192.168.l.254. It is, however, a very easy process to change this to something that is not 192.168.l.254.